Take an unbaked pie crust of your choice.  Put it on a cookie sheet because it will inevitably spill, burn and meld to the bottom of your oven.  Place therein, in this order:

Julienned fresh herbs of your choice  – I like sage

One medium onion, chopped fine and sauteed.  [Maybe not sauteed if you are using one of those Vidalias we have discussed recently.]  This is where the Garlic should go also if you are using that. 

1 layer of grated cheese of your choice. 

“Spring Greens” or “Mesclun Mix” available pre-washed and bagged these days. [Actually, spinach or any leafy greens will work.]  1 average handfull if you have big hands, 2 big handfulls if you have little paws like mine.  Yes, this will poke out over the top and look like a big salad, that’s all right, it shrinks as it cooks.

1 layer of grated cheese of your choice. 

Pour over with a mixture of 3 eggs to 2 cups of milk.  If it does not reach the lip of the pie crust, mix up some more.  Make Pain Perdu with the excess egg-milk, you deserve a treat.

Bake at 350 degrees F for One Hour or until well browned on top.  Use the skewer test to determine doneness.

I have made a low-carb version of this, dusting a greased pie pan with a combination of soy flour and oat bran. It worked as a mold release, to get the goods out of the pie pan, and a bit extra protein and fiber is all good.

I have tried this in a convection oven and found that it browned nicely on the outside LONG BEFORE it was done inside, so I cannot recommend using a convection oven for this kind of cooking.

Susan Fox
Susan Fox
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