Classic recipe, with actual minced meat. I made this for THE SECRET LIFE OF… CHRISTMAS b-roll, just my happy hands with various holiday treats. Usually, I make this and put it in a two-gallon bucket to mellow around early November, for maximum mellowing by Christmas.


Curtis & Lee Family Recipe, c. 1760, from Chester, Virginia

[Collected in THE WILLIAMSBURG ART OF COOKERY, Copyright 1938]

Simmer two Pounds of Beef slowly until tender; cool and chop fine.

Mix with it two Pounds of stoned Raisins;

two Pounds of seedless Raisins,

two Pounds of cleaned Currants;

one Pound of finely cut Citron;

one and a half Pounds of finely cut candied Lemon-peel;

four Pounds of Apples which have been peeled, cored and cut fine;

two Pounds of finely chopped Beef-suet;

two Pounds of light brown Sugar;

one Tablespoon each of Cloves and Mace;

two Tablespoons of Cinnamon;

two grated Nutmegs

and one Teaspoon of Salt.

Mix all together well, add one Pint of Brandy.

Store in a covered stone Jar in a cool Place.

Susan Fox
Susan Fox
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